Video Marketing Package

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Video generates 1200% more engagement than both text and images combined.


Of the time people spend online is now dedicated to watching videos.


Of all traffic on the internet will be video by 2019.


Of executives will choose to watch video over reading text, when given the choice.

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So, how does social perform?

Video makes customers more likely to buy – 64% more likely.
Embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.
90% of customers report that product videos are helping them make purchasing decisions.
The consumption of mobile video grows by 100% every year.
By adding video to emails you can boost click-through rates by 200-300%.

Simple production value = high effectiveness.

The rules of social video are changing. Rapidly. We now know that video works best when it feels authentic. For that reason, it does not require high production values, and performs when filmed in a simple style.

The New Rules of Social Video
  • authentic and real
  • constantly promoted to gain leads
  • run 2 – 12 minutes

( Hurry, sale ends December 22! )
Plus, get $1,000 in Google Ads if you’re among the first 6 to sign up.*



Per Month for 3 Months + $3200 Deposit
  • 4-6 Social Videos
  • Strategic Marketing Persona
  • Targeted Facebook Audience Building
  • Customized Landing Pages
  • 12 Month Hubspot License
  • Tailored Conversion Strategy
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