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3 Steps to Prepare for 2018 Growth Marketing

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December is a great time for businesses that aren’t consumed by holiday sales activity to get ready for growth in 2018. Here are three smart investments you can make now to get ready for growth next year.

Invest in Social Video to Spark Growth in 2018

For consumers, nearly 80% of all traffic on the internet will be video by the end of 2018. And it’s not just consumers, when executives have a choice between video and text, 59% will choose video. In social networks, video generates 1200% more engagement than both text and images combined.

Social video- video that is authentic, has simpler production values, and is presented through social networking, is one of the fastest ways to spark growth in 2018. No matter where you look in the marketing mix, video is delivering the best results. A number of different video lengths and types are working today (not just the ultra short video) and demonstrating powerful returns for organizations that put them to work.

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Invest in Social Audience Building to Drive Down Ad Costs and Improve Online Conversions

For businesses that haven’t built a large email list, and even for those who have, creating a highly focused social audience is a new type of marketing asset. While you don’t own the names you connect to on most social networks (LinkedIn is the only exception), you can develop and “own” the social audiences that you create.

These audiences can be developed from scratch in just a couple of months and result in much lower ongoing ad costs and significantly higher rates of return. An intentional process for building an effective social audience doesn’t have to rely only upon organic or viral video, but can develop with just a few social ad placements. It works best with video and is another key investment for businesses that want to grow in 2018.

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Invest in a Marketing Strategy to Take You Beyond Disconnected Tactics

Social media and other online strategies used to be pretty simple. If you had an active social presence (especially when new social networks launched), a decent website and a moderately well planned search engine strategy, you could get web traffic, leads, and sales. But none of these things has remained simple with Google’s suppression of keyword tracking, complex social networking, evolving digital ad management requirements, and all kinds of new search requirements make DIY a myth for most growing businesses.

Many businesses have limped along with a disconnected set of marketing tactics that are not being measured and are losing effectiveness over time. A coherent marketing strategy that can be linked back to business goals is a requirement to make marketing dollars count. An up to date plan is not something you put in a binder on a bookshelf, but a playbook that is implemented and updated regularly.

Investing in a strategic plan for your marketing is a great end of year investment that will make 2018 growth stronger and measurable.

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