8 People Your School Marketing Team Is Missing: #2 The Socially Connected Mom

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With all of the changes occurring on Facebook, one of the people you’re going to need to recruit is the socially connected mom. Of all the volunteer roles in a school, social media help isn’t usually on the list. But with the recent Facebook changes, it is a new priority. Your target mom will need to be clued into your school goals and calendar and already live on Facebook or Instagram.

You can engage socially connected moms in a couple of different ways:

  • Engage them once or twice a year to give them an overview of your communications and goals, and ask for their feedback about the kinds of things they might be interested in sharing.
  • Include them in regular meetings to ask for their creative ideas about how to promote events on social.
  • Follow the suggestions in the webinar linked below to build a group of social ambassadors who could be mostly moms.

Meaningful, Authentic Posts Encourage Interaction

Since Facebook is intentionally restricting the reach of posts that come from your school Facebook page, you really need some individuals (socially connected moms), who will join you in sharing what’s important. Some will share things because they are important to the school, but for the greatest reach, the posts have to actually appeal to these moms. That way, what they share means something to them and their network of friends. They really can’t be treated as a free advertising network – school posts have to be meaningful to them for their sharing to be sustainable.

This volunteer role is simple – they need to share authentically about what is happening at your school. It needs to come from their real interests and express their personality – they are informal brand spokespersons, not paid commercial announcers. The webinar below has more details about who to recruit and how to engage them effectively.

Social Media Is Changing – Watch Our Webinar

Here are some tips to help you get a handle on what Facebook has done to organizational pages and their reach. Check out the video below for a more in-depth look at what you need to do to overcome new Facebook restrictions.

Watch the Workshop Video

Check back next week to see other important individuals that your marketing team may be missing!


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