8 People Your School Marketing Team Is Missing: #3 The Facebook Ads Manager

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The next person you’ll need to bring to your team is a Facebook Ads Manager. Like it sounds, the Facebook Ads Manager is a role where the person in your school is in charge of the deployment, monitoring, and remarketing of Facebook ads. While the socially connected mom is a volunteer (or group of volunteers), Facebook Ads can no longer be DIY because Facebook’s ad system has become highly sophisticated. Using it well has become something that requires training and daily attention.

Why would you need to acquire Facebook Ads Management help? Because part of the equation for continuing to win with Facebook will require an ads budget, and without the right help, that money won’t go very far. Here is what a skilled Facebook Ads manager can do:

  • Create low cost “conversions” (people who go from being a curious visitor to a real prospect)
  • Complete a strategic process of expanding your Facebook reach to impact new families
  • Make sure that the Facebook assets you develop will work in the effort to reach new families

None of their work will include any “boosting” with posts, because that is Facebook’s most expensive way to purchase ads (and least effective for ROI). Making the shift from seeing Facebook as a “free” resource to being part of a paid advertising plan isn’t a complete shock because most schools already spend money boosting posts. But boosting isn’t a good strategy, especially when the real power of Facebook is its ability to help us reach just the right audience – people who are the most likely to become real prospects for the school.

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An effective Facebook Ads Manager needs to have the following skills:

  • A strong understanding of how targeting works on Facebook.
  • Insights into the various ways that Facebook will allow you to create audiences that you can re-use.
  • The ability to provide creative assets (photography, graphics, and video).
  • A commitment to testing ads and constant improvement, because the first ads you try won’t be the ones that take you across the finish line.

Make sure that your Facebook Manager is clued into the marketing personas that you are using for your school.  The more they know about the people you want to reach, the more effective they will become.

Check back next week to see other important individuals that your marketing team may be missing!

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