8 People Your School Marketing Team is Missing: A Series

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Marketing plans for Christian schools and colleges sometimes look a lot like a high school yearbook— they are always in process and don’t show up until the year is already over.  

It’s essential to have an effective marketing plan, and one big key to that plan is not just the “what” of social networks, websites, emails, and print collateral, but the “who.” The “who” are the people who inform your marketing strategy and content. They are far more important than the technology or creative assets you put to work.  

We’ve assembled a list of people that don’t always make the cut for providing input. Their insights often come only by way of feedback, special request, or, unfortunately, sometimes as a complaint. The truth is they have a lot to offer by way of guidance for the direction that your marketing takes.

Don’t let marketing for your Christian school or college be an “inside job.”

Without unvarnished outsider perspectives, marketing can become an “inside job” informed only by the thinking that got you this far. For most schools and colleges, they want to take the next steps toward growth and quality, and that requires fresh insights. And even though your marketing and administrative team is smart and experienced, they don’t know what they don’t know.

The real problem we face in Christian school and college marketing is we see the world from inside the institution.  And our prospective students don’t.

One sure antidote for that problem is to use a persona approach; build out fresh marketing personas every year or two to make sure that you are understanding the people you want to attract. Part of the persona process is completing interviews and asking real people about their preferences and needs.

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Join us as we discuss the different people you forgot to invite to your marketing meeting. Each week we will be adding a new installment to the list, so be sure to check back. Follow us on Facebook for more insights!

Who are 8 People Your School Marketing Team is Missing?

–> The Alumnus

–> The Socially Connected Mom

–> The Facebook Ads Manager

–> The Middle Schooler

–> The Data Scientist

We’ll add more each week.

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