Creating a brand story for your business is a key step that allows you to differentiate and guide your business. This approach is built upon the power of story because it connects with both human emotions and thought patterns that tie to powerful decision processes.

Avoid Brand Story Pitfalls

Recognizing what does not comprise a brand story can help ensure that the right elements are included.

  • It is not the story of how your business got started, or even how you got into the business.
  • It is not just a set of logos, colors, and fonts.
  • The brand story is not a collection of marketing lines or testimonials, although they may be used in the brand story.
  • Brand stories should always be validated, they can’t just be purchased from a franchise or taken from another company.

Your Brand Story Will Shape and Guide all Marketing and Sales.

  • A Brand Story is the framework that all of your marketing and sales communication is built upon.  When it is built properly, it will provide the core ideas and focus areas that will allow your marketing to attract and win new customers.
  • It is also a plan that keeps your marketing on track to ensure that you capture and keep customers throughout the entire buyer’s journey.
  • When built properly it includes the elements that help you to focus your marketing on your best customers.

The brand story is built upon the needs and desires of the customer and the way that your business builds trust and meets those needs.  It parallels the journey of that buyer who first searches to understand and find resources to meet their needs or help them reach an important goal on the way to achieve something the deeply want.

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The First Step to Build a Brand Story

The first step in building a brand story is to create a buyer persona, which describes all the vital information about your customer and provides the key initial information to get started.

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Pay special attention to the needs that are driving your customers. The real driver for most purchases is a need, whether a regular consumer or another business.  Needs can be practical/ tangible as well as psychological–both being very real in the purchase process.

Brand stories are not designed to use manipulative tactics, but rather to establish trust based on the real credibility of your business as you meet real needs and goals. But they are also extremely powerful because of the unified communication they bring to the business and the questions they answer for customers about who they can rely upon.

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