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8 People Your School Marketing Team is Missing – the Data Scientist

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Does your school have a marketing team? You may have picked up on the fact that we’re somewhat obsessed with the team approach to marketing—and you would be right. Here’s why: What used to be simple and even DIY (do it yourself) approach in marketing has drastically changed. The complexities of marketing today are nearly impossible for a single marketing director to master. When you combine the use of appropriate technology, high quality content, search engine optimization (SEO), graphics, web development, photography, video, and then multiply all of that by two (internal and external communications), the list of tasks reach beyond what a single person can personally wrangle. Story Collaborative was developed to help schools address this challenge by bringing the right skills together in a team setting.

A marketing team should not only include school staff and outside support, but also voices who help school marketing stay relevant and effective. You need advisors who speak honestly into the marketing effort to ensure that it reaches the intended students and parents. It’s the same kind of feedback you want with other important projects such as fundraising, getting parental and community volunteers.

Unwrapping the Data

One area that is likely to require outside support (paid or volunteer) is the analysis of marketing data. All effective marketing today uses the tools of big data to understand and effectively use marketing. These tools include website analytics, email analysis, and advertising response tracking as well as the ability to personalize communications so that prospective parents and volunteers and donors receive communication that they value.

Parents today expect web properties that are smart—they’ve been trained to expect websites to anticipate their needs and easily give them what the want. The volume of email, text, and app-based messaging in the hands of the average parent is so great, that anything less than high-quality personalized communication will fall flat.

Smart Marketing is Within Your Reach

But before you conclude that this is too great a challenge for a “simple” school marketing program, you should become aware of the marketing automation and tracking tools that are within your reach and budget. While they are unlikely to be DIY tools for most school marketing directors, these tools are within the grasp of marketing professionals and digitally savvy volunteers that can join your team. Adding a “data scientist” to your team can move your efforts ahead in big ways.

Here’s How You Can Find Your Data Scientist:

– Reach out to a local university marketing department and request analytic help.
– Find a parent who is a data guru and who is willing to wrestle with your web and social analytics.
– Ask a local business owner who has a digital business to serve as an advisor.
– Use a Story Collaborative data expert to analyze and plan your marketing.

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