Create a Seasonal Social Network Strategy

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The entire giving season is a critical time for the use of social media prompts for giving. This is a powerful tool for educating, connecting and personalizing your mission for current and prospective donors.

There is really no way to do this well without a social media system and the support of those who can provide creative, custom content for your campaign as well as people who love your mission.

Plan for these three critical elements in your end of year plan:

1. A System. You need to be able to plan, schedule and share content and respond to the sharing of others.  We recommend using StoryBridge, a publishing and listening system that is connected to Story Collaborative creative teams.  We’re offering a $200 discount (that’s about 30% discount) on StoryBridge for those who sign up by the end of August.

2. Creative Custom and Curated Content.  Your story needs to be told in ways that people find interesting, meaningful– content that they want to share.  A combination of curated (select materials from others), and custom content (designed especially for your story) is best.

3. Brand Ambassadors are vital.  Brand ambassadors are people who love your mission but their role has to be planned and prepared in advance.  It is important to make sure they are ready to serve during this season by sharing with their friends, and that will take more than just their natural social networking skills to be most effective.

When you combine a thoughtful and creative social campaign, with intentional listening and the personal endorsement of those who already love your work, the impact on giving will be significant.

Try Out Story Bridge:

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Password: bethestory

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