Marketing in Jeopardy: How to Change Your Stories’ Ending

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Alex Trebek, the Frozen 2 Soundtrack, and all of History have this in common:

If you answered in the form of a question, “What is: some things never change?” then congratulations! You win 400 points from the “Social Distancing” category.

But unlike Alex Trebek who literally doesn’t even age, everything else is experiencing rapid change – even the popular game show Jeopardy which for the first time in history is being shut down due to Coronavirus. 

With people being asked to work from home, schools closed nationwide and a real sense of urgency about the unknown, our behaviors as consumers are going to naturally go through a lot of change – and that affects the way organizations should respond, too.

Funeral homes are setting up video conferencing and live streaming for services, Netflix is offering multi-person watch parties, restaurants are closing their dining rooms and offering delivery – and Americans are having a contest on who can collect the most toilet paper rolls. 

The good news is that change is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered. Or there are new and exciting opportunities that can arise out of adapting. Answer this next Jeopardy category for 400 more points:

Duct Tape, Microwave Ovens, and the Internet all have this in common:

If you answered, “What are War-time inventions that you use every single day?” then congratulations, you are really good at Jeopardy! 

Sometimes change can push people to do things or create things almost overnight. Look at the wildly popular Duct Tape, which was originally called “Duck” Tape, and was invented during WWII to help soldiers keep moisture out of ammo cases – this is an invention that was created out of necessity during harsh emergency conditions, that has and will impact our lives maybe forever. Today it doesn’t just come in its original green, but rainbow, floral, puppy dog and money-print. 

For double Jeopardy points, this common household item can fix everything, and when given to Chuck Norris he becomes invincible:

If you answered: “What is Duct Tape?” then you are the Jeopardy master of the day!

Adaptation and resilience are an Important Part of the COVID-19 crisis. In the final chapters of the current crisis, there will be a new normal where our organizations will have the opportunity to bounce back to a healthy business or nonprofit life. You alone have the power to adapt to the changing environment and change the story’s ending in the best way possible! 

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