Get Your 2018 Marketing
Strategy Playbook

Legacy Marketing = doing the same things you’ve always done, even though you’re getting decreasing returns.


Businesses that set goals are 429% more likely to build success than those that don’t.


Inbound marketing methods generate 3x as many leads as traditional marketing.


Only half of those who are using a content marketing track marketing success and less than half have a digital marketing plan.


Only about 1/3 of those who sell to other businesses (B2B) have a documented plan.

Does your marketing plan answer these questions?

( That's why you need a Marketing Strategy Playbook )

  • Security

    New requirements for online security impact customer choice and confidence.

  • Visual Appeal

    The photography and graphics you used last year are far less effective (and are so last year).

  • Digital Ads

    Sophisticated competition and brand new opportunities require big strategy adjustments and new skills.

  • Social Networking

    It used to be simple, but increased impact and costs have added complexity to win at social.

  • Online Reviews

    Reviews aren’t optional and you need a plan to keep them coming and keep them positive.

  • Social Customer Experience

    Tracking what customers need and want on social is now a requirement.

  • Mobile

    Mobile use has changed customer behavior and requires that organizations meet them when they want to learn, go, ask, and buy in real time.

  • Email

    Will continue to pay big dividends if the right kind of adjustments are made in format, frequency, and content.

  • Customer Service

    Has to tie back to all the interactions a customer has with the organization and be connected through social and other live connections.

  • Video

    Currently makes up 1/3 of all internet activity and is the most powerful choice for reaching and keeping new customers. Every business needs a plan for video across the entire Buyer’s journey.

  • Live Interaction

    “Event immersion” like Facebook Live is giving many brands a big edge as they connect with customers in the moment.

  • Web Requirements

    Web requirements continue to expand if you want to take advantage of new mobile and search opportunities in structured search, voice, and mobile experiences.

  • Analytics

    Now tell you more than ever about every online customer and how you can tailor your online presence to find and keep the customers that help the business grow.

  • Personalization

    You have to do more than just add a customer’s first name to an email. You have to deliver highly personalized experiences to keep customers engaged.

  • E-Commerce

    Is being fully integrated into social and CRM to increase personalization.

  • Sales

    Is now enabled by marketing and smart organizations that are breaking down silos and developing more highly qualified leads.

  • Getting Found on Search (SEO)

    SEO has shifted from the right keywords to a holistic content strategy that offers value to both customers and search engines.


Who will build my playbook?

Story Collaborative’s Chief Marketing Officer, David Mills, will develop your Playbook with contributions from across our talented collaborative team. David will meet with you virtually for an initial discussion and then meet again to discuss and present the analysis and recommendations.

We're strategists with a difference - we know what's working in the market because we're helping our clients get it done every day. We don't just make recommendations, we're ready to fill in the gaps by putting our team to work with you.