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Amy Alexander

Valiant defender of client brands, creative genius, master of graphic design and photography, and mother of (cute, tiny) dragons at Story Collaborative
Once upon a time, a brilliant warrior princess and her family wanted to forge a business that cared about people as much as it cares about results - and so - Story Collaborative was born.

With over a decade of experience in graphic design, Amy has developed brand experiences for large and small organizations across the US. After completing her B.S., Amy left freelance design consulting to work in higher education. There she managed print and digital experiences in a collaborative environment. She now has years of creative direction under her belt, providing a unique understanding of customer interaction with brand touch-points.

When she’s not slaying giants for her cherished clients, she can be found relaxing and adventuring with her husband, twin girls Morgan and Mallory, and her extended family.

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As a multi-generational team, we’ve managed to develop a Millennial voice in the workplace. Looking for a way to provide meaning in the work lives of Millennials, NavWorkplace needed a …

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Awakening America

With decades of experience in nonprofit development strategies, our team has enjoyed working toward Awakening America’s growth goals. In need of a digital space that reached their audience, we rewrote their digital content, developed important action steps for potential users, and launched a new website.