How much does it cost to do marketing with Story Collaborative?


Notice the “with”—we don’t do marketing for you, we do it with you. We tell stories collaboratively and that’s our namesake. We know that you are the expert on your business, and our job is to bring expert marketing to help you reach your goals. We don’t want to do what you can do for yourself, so we work collaboratively in all of our projects. How the work is shared is unique to each relationship, ranging from just your involvement in setting goals and reviewing outcomes, all the way to joining in the social networking and writing.

Now, down to costs. You’ve got options with us. You’d expect to pay more if you need more of our team’s effort, but we always want you to know what you’re getting. (Unlike the drive-thru where you never know exactly what is getting “supersized”).

Digital Foundations

Many businesses start with a lean startup or bootstrap approach and grow rapidly during periods of rapid expansion. Ensuring that the appropriate structures are in place to support continued growth sometimes means laying some new foundations. That can include establishing the digital brand and creating a strategy, improving website infrastructure, or adding marketing automation that will support growth. A minimally viable product can put you into business, but it takes the right foundation to sustain growth.

Unlike a building footprint that is set with footings and foundations that aren’t easy to expand, effective digital foundations can expand with business growth needs. A digital foundation includes the things we "see", like brand images, websites, and digital media, but also includes the brand story and marketing strategy that make those visible elements work.

Three Layers of Your Digital Foundation

Digital foundations have three key layers that support business growth:

  1. The presentation layer - This is what people see and includes brand imagery, websites, digital media, social, and email content. Important elements like logos and modern websites fall into this category.
  2. The systems layer - This is what supports what’s visible and powers how we nurture customers from awareness to decision, and includes time-saving automation that reduces labor costs, along with website management systems that make updates easy.
  3. The strategy layer - Marketing without strategy is like archery without targets- every shot is a miss. Strategy includes your brand story, advertising/search engine plan, and customer targeting, along with specific campaign strategies.

    We always begin with a review and discussion about the status of these three layers to ensure that the right levels of support are in place for your growth goals. It is common for our customers to already be aware of many areas they want to shore up, but we provide new insights into what will offer the best combination of resources to fuel growth.

    Foundations should always be scalable—the right investment for growth with the ability to expand.

Putting Digital Foundations in place with STORY will range from $1,000 to $6,000, and may be included in inbound service packages. Websites are discussed below.

Inbound Services

We offer staffed inbound services that allow you to execute your marketing plans. Bringing our team on board provides the full range of marketing skills that you need to have effective campaigns that link social, email, and pay per click (PPC) to the inbound and content marketing strategy.

Collaborative Services

If you have a limited marketing staff but want to grow strategically, we'll be the right skilled marketers to deliver the resources, including websites, digital ads, marketing and/or social video, and inbound marketing. We don't want to do for you what your team can do well, so we'll collaborative to help you reach your marketing goals. Our approach is a good fit for businesses that want to expand into new markets, service lines, or communities. We're experienced in supporting this type of growth for healthcare, service industries, education, and B2B companies.

Regional and National Inbound

For regional companies or those with an national or international footprint, Comprehensive Inbound Services will support your growth. Comprehensive services include custom content, websites and landing pages, automation, smart web, lead scoring, customer relationship management and may also integrate paid digital ads with marketing video. We use enterprise quality software to deliver personalization and automation along with granular tracking.

Inbound services that are fully staffed range from $2,900 to $10,000 per month, depending on what resources your team needs.

Web Design

Story Collaborative builds highly effective websites that integrate a marketing strategy with marketing automation. Built with your target audience in focus and mobile ready, we will build a website that can grow with you on the WordPress platform. Search engine optimization (SEO), and user experience strategies (UX) are baked into our approach.

We use state-of-the-art high security hosting with daily backups to keep you online 24/7. The functionality that you need is built into a site that uniquely expresses your brand. Your site also may include custom photography and video.

We train your staff to make updates and add content as needed.

Websites with Story Collaborative cost between $1,999 and $20,000 with payments spread over time.

Specialized Services

Specialized services and projects may be included with Inbound Services or be provided as a project.

Customized Digital Ads

We offer several types of innovative digital ads that open new markets and reach customers in a way that expands credibility and presence quickly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO should be treated as a routine part of the inbound process, but your business goals and strategy may require specialized SEO approaches to create visibility based upon your competition or industry. We employ best practice tools and systems (all white hat practices with no "hactics") that will result in more customer traffic.

Google Pay Per Click

Paid ads on Google can extend your marketing where your SEO has yet to reach and also deliver ads to specific locations and even specific companies and industries. We set up and manage these ads, retargeting for effectiveness, while overcoming “ad fatigue”.

List Engagement and Account Based Marketing

For companies with large member lists, or account based sales lists, we will work to revitalize the engagement you are getting with members or prospective accounts.

Social Advertising

Social advertising provides highly targeted marketing in which we integrate social video to boost impact and connect with new customers with a life-like, 3D and branded feel. Social advertising has become highly sophisticated and delivers powerful results when implemented effectively.

Service Line and Multi-Location Launch

We are experienced in extending businesses and services into new communities in a variety of industries.

Marketing Automation and HubSpot Training and Support

We’re experts in using marketing automation including the full suite of HubSport CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Services products.

Private K-12 Education

We offer a specialized set of resources and support for private education. Learn more here!

Costs for specialized services vary, and may be provided as part of our inbound services packages or in short term projects.

So, how can we workwith you?

Let us know what you'd like to discuss, and we'll schedule a time to explore how we can market with you and tell your unique story.

Call us at 888-652-0119, or schedule a time to meet us virtually.