Virtual Sales Bootcamp

Accelerate and improve your sales cycle. In just 10 days, working from your location or home office, translate your sales skills to the virtual close process with results you'll see right away.

The Virtual Sales Bootcamp

  • Increase the closing rate of your sales team
  • Prepare prospects: build trust, readiness and close more deals more quickly
  • Overcome the limitation with in-person meetings and hesitance by seniors

Empower sales for your team, or a team of one.

Here's What the Virtual Sales Bootcamp Delivers

Adapt Skills

Take the sales skills that work in-person and translate them into the digital space  

Technology Training

Get comfortable multiplying sales time and impact with high-impact technology

Inspire Growth  

Ignite enthusiasm to effectively reach and close more sales

Put New Skills to work in senior living, funeral preneeds & senior sales

The sales skills and processes that have worked before, need to be updated for the digital world. The Bootcamp helps salespeople to adapt to the new normal

Increase Prospect Readiness & increase your close rate

Learn to use highly effective digital tools to prepare and pre-educate prospects instead of trying to use precious meeting time to do all the work required to close.

Qualify and close more leads with Virtual Sales strategies.

Faster qualifying and higher prospect readiness leads to a powerful increase in your close rate.

The Virtual Sales process is here to stay

The skills you learn now will restart your sales today, while preparing you for the sales process of the future that will give you a competitive advantage.

See what our clients say. 

The Virtual Sales process allows you to close more right now, and build systems that sustain that growth in sales.

"The work of Story Collaborative has helped us to have the best year ever in our 75 year history."

- Chris Tharp, Tharp Funeral Home and Crematory

"The impact of the refreshed approach to my brand has been pretty amazing. It has created a buzz, and people are commenting wherever I go. Ads that we place are now getting noticed. Our business is up, and I am now really confident that people are going to remember our brand throughout the community."

- David Storke, Storke Funeral Home 

Quickly master the art of virtual sales with seniors